About Us

Welcome to the Feral Moms Club, a gathering of fierce, untamed hearts who are redefining motherhood on their own terms. If you're a mom who refuses to be confined by stereotypes and seeks empowerment through unity, you've found your brand.

🌿 About Me - Kat Farrell🌿

I've been wanting to start my own brand for as long as I can remember. I've been an avid thrifter and customizer of clothing for a long time, and been working with big and small brands in the hospitality industry. Starting to sell a small collection of vintage and second-hand goods and dipping my toes into some custom merch will allow me to grow this brand. I am not one for settling on a niche - so, if you are looking for a cottage core, meets leather biker, meets cowboy vibe - you've found the right space. Thanks for joining, and I hope you love your purchases! 

🐺Celebrate Your Pack🐺

Wild Miles Trading Co. is our signature line of unisex clothing for the whole fam!